Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Games

The Commonwealth Games are over. HOORAY. Check out the medal tally, they should be called the Australian Games.

All that these games are is a chance for our track and feild athletes to actually win something. It's like we award medals to countries in order of importance. England 2nd (the Home country), Canada 3rd (great people, plenty of hot chicks), India 4th (rising power), South Africa 5th (Great at Cricket and Rugby, they are OK), New Zealand 9th (good excuse to hang shit on the Kiwis). All-in-all it was a great, big, multi-million dollar wank.
Of course, Tamsyn Lewis (see above, more pic's of Tamsyn in the archives. I can't link to them due to problems of censorship in the nation I reside.) is excused from any critique and, of course, the athletes from Sierra Leone who invented a new sport "Jutfab" (JUmp The Fence And Bolt). Well done chaps. I heard that one of the lads said he got the idea when his labradoodle took off over his back fence and he had to spend 3 hours looking for the mongerel which finally showed up when it was hungry.

Once again, HOORAY FOR TAMSYN!!!!

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