Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How Quickly We Forget.

House costs segregate rich, poor

THE gulf between Melbourne's rich and poor is becoming more territorial as the lack of affordable housing forces people on low to average incomes to live in the city's outer suburbs...
...And the lack of affordable housing has caused greater segregation between Melbourne's wealthy and poorer residents, according to the report's co-author, RMIT's Professor Gavin Wood.

I'm sure that the "Rich" don't have a problem with this at all.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Advance Australia Fair?

Australian officials will speak to the Sri Lankans and decide whether they satisfy the test for refugee status contained in the Refugees Convention. From that decision there is no avenue for appeal; no right of judicial review; no means of correcting errors of bias, or stupidity, or corruption. The officials who go from Canberra to Nauru to ‘process’ the Sri Lankans will not be operating under Australian law, or under Nauruan law, or under any other law. Although paid by Australian taxpayers, they will apparently not be subject to the constraints of any laws.

If the Sri Lankans are determined to be refugees, which looks likely, they will not be offered protection by Australia. Instead, we will hawk them around the world to see if another country will take them.

Way back in 2002 I had a German mate who backpacked through Iran. At each place he stopped he asked the locals what they thought about various countries:

About Europe and Germany he got different answers at different places but the median seemed to be "They're Ok as they tend to stay out of our business."

About the U.S. the general answer was "There are many things we like about America, but, by Allah, they are nosey pricks and they seem to think that we all want to be American. We don't!"

About Australia the answer was always "Ahh... A beautiful country of friendly beer drinkers. I would like to see a kangaroo." It wasn't that long ago that so much of the world felt this way about Oz....... I wonder how they feel now?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Gathering of Eagles

The American patriots/Hardcore-Spartanesque-Banes-of-Terrorists-and-their-Librul-Allies from the mighty Gathering of Eagles enjoy a well earned libation after their succesful defence of the Vietnam Memorial from evil americans who don't want there to be a need to build any more memorials to the noble dead of less than noble wars.

UPDATE: Deep insider "Betty" reports that the Parks and the Washington Metro constabularies added their strength to the Gathering of Eagles and their cause.

The adversaries were across Henry Bacon Drive aiming their blaring loudspeakers our way, playing inappropriate rock, latin and hiphop music over our Memorials and I’m sure it was wafting across the Potomac to Arlington National Cemetery.

We were also supplemented by the Park Police and the Washington Metro Police.

The Gathering of Eagles were posted on a very windy knoll at the East End of the Wall, where they had surrounded themselves with hundreds of American flags flying briskly in the breeze. No loud music, no complaining about the environment. Just there to defend the Wall.
Still no comment from the police on this but I'm sure they'll soon be trumpeting their involvment.

I do hafta say that I was surprised to learn that dead soldiers don't like music.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Krazy Khalid Kills Kittens (and Infidels).

Now I'm really afraid.

"Clearly he is responsible for some of the attacks. But I believe he is taking credit for things he did not have direct involvement in," said one recently retired senior FBI counterterrorism official.

"In my opinion, it's excellent," the former official said of Mohammed's occasionally rambling statement. "It proves the point that these people are not stable or predictable, but that they are lethal."

You fuckin' what? Excellent???????

It's excellent that these people are not stable or predictable, but lethal???

This stupid, fucking stupid, comment is made by a retired senior FBI counterterrorism official.

We're all gonna die!!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Guantanamo Unbound!

Karen Greenberg takes a look at the inside and gets sold the "good oil".

1. Guantanamo is not a prison. The official term is "detention facility". Although the two most recently built complexes, Camps Five and Six, were modelled on prisons in Indiana and Michigan, it is not acceptable to use the word "prison" at Gitmo.
Got that?

2. Guantanamo has no prisoners, only "enemies". As in "unlawful enemy combatants" or "detained enemy combatants".
Get that one as well?

3. Once an enemy combatant, always an enemy combatant. "Today, it is not about guilt or innocence. It's about unlawful enemy combatants," Rear Admiral Harry Harris, the commanding officer of Guantanamo, told us. "And they are all unlawful enemy combatants." This despite the fact that the Government also has a category for those deemed "no longer an enemy combatant", which was not mentioned. Nor was the possibility of mistaken detention.
Gee, why should it really matter? Hmmm...?

4. No trustworthy lawyers come to Guantanamo. The handlers used the term "habeas lawyers" as a seemingly derogatory catch-all for those who are defending detainees. It was clear that at Gitmo, detainees are believed to be using lawyers in accordance with directives in an al-Qaeda training manual that was discovered in Manchester in 2000: "Take advantage of visits with habeas lawyers to communicate and exchange information with those outside."
I wonder what the founding fathers would think of these damnable "Habeas lawyers"?

5. Reporters misrepresent Guantanamo. The media arrive with ostensibly open
eyes,yet graciously hosted from morning to night, they go home perversely refusing to be complimentary to their hosts. They suffer from "the chameleon effect", as I was told more than once, taking on the colours of betrayers, and "we just don't understand it".

Bastards never mention the tasty lemon chicken in their articles!!!

6. The detainees still possess valuable information. Harris explained: "We have up-and-coming leadership in al-Qaeda and in the Taliban in Afghanistan, (and) we don't know what they look like … But their contemporaries … are quite often the same individuals that are in the camps here today … Sketch artists will work with these detainees … and those pictures will be sent out to the forward fighting area." But how reliable would anyone's memory be after five years of isolated detention?

They should open a gallery to help pay for all the korans and that delicious lemon chicken.

7. Abandon individuality, on either side of the wire. The prisoners were referred to by number.
Easier than remembering difficult raghead names like "David" or "Mohammed".

8. Hard facts are scarce. "You'll notice that we speak vaguely. We can't be specific. You will notice that we talk in approximate terms and estimates only. Those are operational security measures."
Remember, please, that these are the most dangerous people in the world, we can't be specific or their evil brethren could get information to them by carrier gull.

9. Guantanamo houses no contradictions. Islam is treated with respect. The prisoners' food is halal. Every prisoner, even the non-compliant, has a Koran if he wants it. But if you ask about other basic rights, such as the presumption of innocence, a sergeant without a name will chastise you about the dangers posed by enemy combatants.
They got their Korans what more do these damn musselmen want? Huh...? What? They want freedom you say? How could they want freedom when they ain't christians? Gotcha there, don't I? Goddam bleeding heart islamolibrul!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tamsyn Again!

Two more Australian Titles (400m & 800m). Well done sugarbean.........

UPDATE: First time in 26yrs that both titles were taken by the same person.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Congrat's Matt Sanchez

Congrat's on winning the Jeanne Kirpatrick Academic Freedom Award.

But wait, there's more!!!!! Matt has used a couple of other pseudonyms in the past.

Biography for Rod Majors

Mini biography

Born Pierre LaBranche, this hunky French-Canadian started his movie career in hard-core porn videos for Kristen Bjorn and the late William Duffault back in 1993. The following year he moved to San Francisco, changed his name to the more American-sounding 'Rod Majors', and worked successfully in several gay and bi videos for Catalina and Falcon. His most memorable titles are 'Idol Country' (1994) and 'Built Tough' (1995). Very sexy looking, dark skinned, fluent in several languages and extremely well endowed, Rod was often marketed as an 'exotic' sex performer. He took a break from the porn industry at the peak of his career and has subsequently lived in England and Germany.IMDb mini-biography by: tigon

It seems that Matt is quite the artiste.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Mature, Serious Right-Wing

Sweet little Annie Coulter, famous for her adams apple, claims that calling presidential candidate John Edwards a faggot , while speaking at the very serious and mature CPAConference, was just a "Schoolyard Taunt". Hmmmm........?

Reminds me of the time Bill Clinton called Newt Gingrich a poo-head.

I don't consider myself an overly mature person, but I do wonder about the "serious" right-wing which gives Coulter, and people like her, so much air time and support.

Meh... The righties wont give a shit, they are very well aware that only liberal lefties are unserious and immature. Their evidence is that liberal lefties are liberal lefties, of course. What more do you need?