Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Gathering of Eagles

The American patriots/Hardcore-Spartanesque-Banes-of-Terrorists-and-their-Librul-Allies from the mighty Gathering of Eagles enjoy a well earned libation after their succesful defence of the Vietnam Memorial from evil americans who don't want there to be a need to build any more memorials to the noble dead of less than noble wars.

UPDATE: Deep insider "Betty" reports that the Parks and the Washington Metro constabularies added their strength to the Gathering of Eagles and their cause.

The adversaries were across Henry Bacon Drive aiming their blaring loudspeakers our way, playing inappropriate rock, latin and hiphop music over our Memorials and I’m sure it was wafting across the Potomac to Arlington National Cemetery.

We were also supplemented by the Park Police and the Washington Metro Police.

The Gathering of Eagles were posted on a very windy knoll at the East End of the Wall, where they had surrounded themselves with hundreds of American flags flying briskly in the breeze. No loud music, no complaining about the environment. Just there to defend the Wall.
Still no comment from the police on this but I'm sure they'll soon be trumpeting their involvment.

I do hafta say that I was surprised to learn that dead soldiers don't like music.