Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wolf Shown the Door. (Good riddance)

PAUL Wolfowitz is a good man brought down by a shabby, politicised witch-hunt. The terms under which he was forced to deal with his partner when he joined the World Bank may well indicate that he was set up for a fall.

Wolfowitz tried hard to avoid personnel issues surrounding his partner. He sought advice, and followed it.

The spouses of other executives had been allowed to keep working at the bank but the hostility to Wolfowitz, which is a displaced enmity for US President George W.Bush, exacerbated by Wolfowitz's exotic name and reputation as an architect of the operation in Iraq, was present from day one.

First thing, Greg: she was his mistress not his spouse and he has successfully managed to fuck her over with his unethical shenanigans.

Second thing, Greg: Wolfies rep as an architect of the fuck up in Iraq shows him to be a far right warmonger and, given the very predictable results of his draughtsmanship, a fucking idiot.

Third thing, Greg: "exacerbated by Wolfowitz's exotic name" Wolfie hasn't been fucked over because he is a jew. He has been fucked over because the behavior which is typical of his type (i.e. right-wing, neo-con); nepotism and wing-nut welfare.

The title of Greg's hagiographic wank is "Dedicated servant of humanity" a more apt title would be "Dedicated servant of right-wing extremism and un-democratic political goals."

Fuck you, Greg Sheridan! Wolfowitz is not a good man and neither are you!!!

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