Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mimi stakes the high ground!!!

Mimi Smartypants says:


Speaking of heinous bitchosity, I was ready to castrate and disembowel these two DePaul-hat-wearing Chads on the El, as they went into an EXTREME and MINUTELY DETAILED critique of various girls' appearances. Is she hot? She's pretty hot. Well, her body is hot, her face not so much. You're crazy, her face is totally hot. See, I used to think her face was hot, but one day I noticed that her lips are really thin and like one side is kind of higher than the other. Yeah, and did you see her last week when she had that huge zit? What about Other Girl? Oh shit dude, she's gotten so fat. She used to be hot but now she's a cow. She's got great tits though. Her hair is so busted, man, she needs to quit coloring it or something.
AND ON AND ON AND ON until I shoved the headphones into my ears and tried not to bite my own tongue in half. I hate to break it to you morons, but it is not our job to live up to your standards of fuckability. Unless there is some magic potion that will turn you back into human beings, I hope you and all the rest of your brotherhood fall into a vat of pig shit and drown. Although I don't think pig shit is kept in vats. Why would it be?

Mimi, there is nothing wrong with having a bitch & whinge about the foul vagaries of the opposite sex, but get off the high horse.... or, as JC would have put it "Thems without, cast first."

As for storing pig shit in vats - fertilizer.

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