Friday, August 31, 2007

Sheedy and Hird: Genius and Magic

I was 8 when Sheeds became coach so I don't remember a time without him there. It's gonna feel really weird having a new coach, hopefully one of Sheedy's protégés (Neale Daniher, Mark Harvey, Mark Thompson, Tim Watson and now Dean Bailey all are or were senior coaches). Whoever it may be has got some big shoes to fill, not only did he lead the Bombers with top-line results he also revolutionised the game to the benefit of every player, team and spectator.

As for Hirdy, the Bombers have had other captains and champions in my time but, by god, the man was a fucking magician and it's sad to see him go. Hirdy, just by being Hirdy, would probably make a great coach and it would be nice to see him stay in footy. Hey Hirdy, I hear the Bombers are looking for a fresh coach...........

Thanks fellas.

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