Wednesday, January 31, 2007

David Hicks Luxury

The US prosecutor preparing the case against Australian terrorism suspect David Hicks said he expected the Australian to be charged by the end of the week.
Colonel Mo Davis also denied that Hicks was being held in harsh conditions and rejected claims the Australian was shackled to the floor of his cell in conditions that resembled a Nazi concentration camp.
"I just wanted to make sure that that was bogus, so I called to check on his condition and I'm told everything's fine," he told ABC Radio.

Well that seals it for me, the prosecutor called and they said "Fine man, no problemo.!."

I can just see that bastard Hicks swanning around the crescent shaped pool, sipping upon rare tisanes from the far east and enjoying surf and turf every night as he watches the Simpsons.

Hell, look at the pic, it's like my last holiday in Bangkok. How could anyone possibly think otherwise?


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