Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Definition of a Conservative.

Recently, whilst brushing up on my geology, I found this definition:

Conservative - A contaminant that moves with the same velocity as water.

"A contaminant" OK, I agree with that. A conservative is a contaminant. "...moves with the same velocity as water." Hmmm..? I've seen water move pretty fast, I'm not so sure about conserv....... Wait, of course, Bill Clinton! Conservatives are always fast to blame their fuck-ups on Bill (and now on George W., because even though they enabled and supported him in all his fuck-ups, now that his numbers are down he is, apparently, no longer a conservative and therefore can be held up to scrutiny and critique). Oh yeah, they are also pretty quick when they try to destroy social safety nets and to lower taxes for the wealthy and big business, lining the pockets of family and friends, and their own pockets, as a result. (Hey, there ain't nothin' wrong with a little taste is there?! Is there??!?).

Yes, I agree with that definition.

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