Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gloating as Hitch Stumbles

THERE is a huge trapdoor waiting to open under anyone who is critical of so-called popular culture or (to redefine this subject) anyone who is uneasy about the systematic, massified cretinisation of the major media.

If you denounce the excess coverage, you are yourself adding to the excess.

It's almost like Hitch is trying to re-re-invent himself. He was never worried about massified cretinisation during the run up to the Iraq war. If fact, at that point he seemed quite chuffed with the mass media, what with it giving support to his gin-soaked warmongering.

But, just when we start to believe that Hitch must have spent some time at Betty Ford and emerged sans florid cheeks and bellicose wankery, we get this: even more acid piece of creepy populism, in the form of an order from Judge "Reggie" Walton, who poured his witless sarcasm on those who had filed a brief in support of Lewis "Scooter" Libby. Would such "luminaries," sneered Walton, be equally available for other litigants? It's not his job to arbitrate such a question, and he seems not to understand the law, but if his words mean anything, and from a federal judge at that, they appear to mean that to be a public figure is to risk double jeopardy in the courts.

Yep, Hitch is still pissed as a hummingbird whooped up on fermented nectar. He must be if he can't understand what the "sneering" Judge Walton was getting at.

Hitch, the point that Judge "Reggie" is making is that people of influence are not beyond the law no matter how much their supporters would like them to be. Because Hitch, if they were, the law would really and for true be an ass.

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