Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hit Them Where it Hurts the Most

GLAD-handing US President George W.Bush may have given adoring Albanians more than his affection when news footage and photographs showed him apparently having his watch stolen off his wrist in front of a throng of secret service agents.

Mr Bush was being mobbed by a euphoric crowd in the town of Fushe Krujein, near the capital Tirana when the handsome watch with a dark strap disappeared.


First not-Jenna gets her bag stolen by some swarthy Argentinian, now the swarthy Albanians are at it, this is terrorism at it's most base.

I have no doubt that this is an al-Queda plot, all Argentinians and Albanians should be deported from the U.S. It's just not safe with them around. I just know they're all sitting around right now, munching on their morcilla and shendetlie, planning devious ways to steal fashion accessories and bring down America.

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